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Ready To Get Started On Your Taxes?

Note the below is for Individual filers only. We will contact all entity filers separately (we are working to set up our entity process online as well!)

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Step 1 – Esign the Engagement Letter

Note that if filing jointly, both spouses must separately esign a letter.


Step 2 – Make Your Retainer Payment

Your retainer is 50% of your estimated fee. For returning clients, your estimated fee is what you paid for 2017 prep + $50. We are in the process of uploading all 2019 estimates to the portal accounts.


Step 3 – Complete the Online Tax Organizer

For individual filers we have moved the tax organizer online!
While you can provide all details online, we do have a supplemental excel organizer if you have any of the following and prefer to use excel to provide these details: Rental Properties, Self-Employment Income/Expenses or Foreign Financial Account Details. 

Step 4 – Collect & Upload Your Tax Documents 

For returning clients we are in the process of uploading all document lists to the portal accounts. This way you can login and download an Excel sheet listing all the documents you provided last year to use as a guide.
Access your portal anytime through the ‘Client Center’ button on our home page.
New Client? Please make sure to upload a copy of your (and spouse if applicable) US drivers license. If none, please provide a copy of the passport picture page.
Remember we work on a first-in, first-out basis, so the earlier you submit everything the better.

We look forward to working with you!