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Getting Started - Individual Taxes


Please complete all onboarding steps listed below no later than the following dates or we cannot guarantee a filing by the respective deadline:

   March 5th – For the April 15th tax deadline – PASSED

   May 1st – For the June 15th Deadline for Overseas Filers – PASSED

   July 31st – For the October 15th Extension Deadline – PASSED

If all steps are not completed by July 31st we reserve the right to cancel this engagement and refund your paid retainer less merchant processing fees (if applicable). If you are abroad we will prepare and mail a Dec 15th extension. The fee for this is $175.

Exceptions will be made only for documents not issued yet (for example, Forms K1 not issued or a foreign tax return waiting to be filed).


We will move your file to our ‘Tax Preparation’ stage once all steps below have been completed.