“Thank you for your excellent service.  I’ve worked with three of the “Big Four” accounting firms over the years in preparing my taxes and working with you was a far better experience. I look forward to working with you again next year.”

– D. Perry (Singapore)

Americans Working Abroad

We specialize in working with US citizens and green card holders living overseas to stay compliant with their tax obligations. We have served clients in Malaysia, China, Germany, UK, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Denmark, Mexico…the list goes on and on. Our founder, Kaitlin Krozel, was an expat herself in Singapore and understands the need for expats to have access to professional and reliable tax and investment services. Whether you need tax preparation, financial planning, or both, we can help make sure your transition overseas, US taxes, and financial health are handled competently and with care.

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Foreign Nationals Living in the US

Many factors bring non-US citizens to the United States; employment and marriage being the most common. Foreign nationals are unique in that they may have different reporting requirements than the average US citizen due to assets and ties to their native country. We work with foreign nationals to make sure their US tax reporting is correct and to also explain various options for them to invest in the United States (purchasing property, investments, planning for retirement). Since we also specialize in working with US expatriates and non-citizens living abroad we can continue providing services if our clients move out of the US down the road.

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Americans Living in the US

Krozel Capital offers something that many tax and financial firms cannot offer –integrated tax and financial planning expertise in one place. We work with individuals and families throughout the United States to offer tax preparation, investment management, financial planning, or all of the above. Our relationship with Fortis Capital Management allows us to provide the best in tax planning and investment planning.

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Non-US Citizen Services

We provide a full range of tax and investment services for non-US citizens living outside the United States including:  preparation of Federal and State tax returns for owners of US rental properties, LLC formation analysis regarding rental properties (is it right for you?) and investment management for US based investments.

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